If your pool is looking ragged, it may be a candidate for interior resurfacing. Although your pool is made to look and feel good, the interior-finish also creates a strong essential waterproofing membrane.

In essence, the pool’s interior does three major tasks:

  1. Blocks chemicals from being removed from the water and absorbed by the concrete shell.
  2. Prevents pool water from compromising the structural integrity of the shell.
  3. Stops algae from attaching to the concrete surface.

pool resurfacing florida

We are the experts and specialize in swimming pool resurfacing services of residential and commercial swimming pools and spas. We offer all available resurfacing products including: Marcite Quartz Aggregate Finish, Wet Edge Technology Pebble surfaces, Glass Beads, etc. Secondly we can replace and update all your pool equipment as needed, including Energy Efficient Heat Pumps both electric and gas, Solar Heat, Salt Chlorinators, Izonators, Chlorine Sanitation.  We sell and install all pumps including Energy Efficient Variable Speed Pumps. We also install all types of Filtration Systems on the market today. We use top quality products, specializing in Hayward Products.

We specialize in pool resurfacing in the Orlando & surrounding areas, as well as painting concrete pool decks in Orlando to give your pool area a beautiful finished look. Call us today for our pool & spa services in Orlando.

Decking, including wonderful travertine tiles, traditional paver style and concrete textured acrylic painted decks are available.



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