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    My name is Ed Sawyer I personally have over 50 years successfully serving residential and commercial customers. I worked for a contractor that attended the same church as my family and from the age of 15 and thru out my college years during the summer I learned the proper way of doing each job. I am currently 70+ years of age and still very much enjoy serving all of you!.  During my high school and college years working for this great mentor I learned the value of making sure every customer is happy before you are finished with your work. I take pride in this fact, and can say that we have a 96+% SATISFACTION RATE with hundreds of hand written, signed testimonials.  Having a website is quite new to me being from a much older generation and I know some people will visit websites that display reviews, this can be good and bad both, unfortunately I have as other business owners have experienced non-customers (actual competitors)  leaving fake reviews, in fact statistics show that 61% of online reviews are fake. So, please if you want to see some honest reviews with names, phone numbers of ACTUAL CUSTOMERS I will be happy to supply them to you. 
    Ok, enough about me, I want to thank you for visiting our website. Hopefully you will find our website informative and helpful. Pool & Spa Services of Central Florida Inc. dba Orlando Pool Deck Resurfacing is a small family concrete deck renovation/repair & resurfacing/painting company specializing in Long Lasting, Cooling DECK Textures & Resurfacing Options. We are the "CONCRETE CRACK REPAIR SPECIALIST", we make structural crack repairs to your cracked, sinking, spreading pool decks.  Call us for quote before you start this work. We also repair driveways, garage floors, walkways both commercial & residential. We offer a wide variety of options including complete REMOVAL OF OLD WORN OUT SURFACES such as Chattahoochee stone etc.. Complete deck renovations including the popular spray knockdown textures, pool deck finishes that help keep your deck cooler to the touch, textured non slip coatings, pavers, travertine, etc. using only the highest quality products to give you the beauty and long lasting results you want.  And my personal favorite as will most likely become yours is the NEW DECK FINISH THAT YOU NEVER HAVE TO POWER WASH TO CLEAN IT.  EXTREMELY EASY TO MAINTAIN, AND ONE OF THE MOST AFFORDABLE AND BEAUTIFUL SURFACES AVAILABLE!

Serving the Orlando & Central Florida area with many years of on hand experience. We are not just another pool deck resurfacing company with a bunch of over-eager salespeople I do all the estimates myself. We are experts at renovating and resurfacing all types of residential and commercial pool decks, walkways, driveways. We are insured and licensed in the state of Florida. We have our own highly experienced crews and equipment. We provide all of our customers with quality products and craftsmanship, offering from the basic to exotic. WE DO NOT USE SUBS!
I, Ed Sawyer will personally visit with you to inspect and review all the options available for you and develop an affordable plan that fits within your budget!  Call me at (407) 778-5227 today.


Most other websites are sales sites, that gather your name and address and then sell your information to companies to do the quotes and the work, and most all of these companies are using subs, as they are much cheaper than maintaining their own staff!!!

Pool Resurfacing Quotes:
My company does not resurface pools, but I have built business relationships with pool resurfacing companies and can provide you with accurate pool resurfacing, tile & equipment replacement quotes. Some of these local companies have ben serving Orlando area for almost 30 years.  This allows my deck customers advance knowledge of actual pool resurfacing cost so you can make an educated decision.. You can make your old pool look like new again by replacing your old pool surface with any one of the many surface options available including wonderful Quartz products, or for those that prefer a pebble surface Wet Edge Technology Pebble Finishes.

Pool Concrete Crack Repair

pool repair orlando

Orlando Pool Deck Resurfacing

Orlando Pool Deck Resurfacing specialist offers customer satisfaction on the renovations and finishes on each and every job. We offer all types of options when it is time to give your pool deck, driveway, walkway, garage floor or homes exterior and wonderful look. We welcome your questions and would appreciate the opportunity to earn you business! Call Ed @ 407-778-5227 with your questions or to schedule your FREE ESTIMATE!

We Do Not use subs,we do the work ourselves!

Pool Resurfacing & remodeling: I represent one of the busiest pool renovation and resurfacing companies in the entire Central Florida area.
All Phase Pool Remodeling, Inc. offers customer satisfaction on all of their work! Using only highly trained staff which includes master craftsmen and estimators to make sure your job is done right the first time, thereby increasing the quality of your pool and the value of your home. Throughout their years of experience in the industry, they have helped individuals and businesses in the area get the ultimate pool resurfacing at the fairest prices in the entire area.

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pool repair orlando
pool repair orlando


Pool & Spa Services of Central Fla LLC, Orlando pool deck resurfacing services and All Phase Pool Remodeling Inc, will provide complete pool deck, driveways, exterior home refinishing, along with pool and spa renovations and resurfacing. Serving the Orlando & Central Florida area experts with many years of on hand experience. We are not just another pool deck or pool resurfacing company with a bunch of over-eager salespeople. We are experts at renovating and resurfacing all types of residential and commercial decks, pools and spas. We are insured and licensed in the state of Florida. We have our own employees and equipment. We provide all of our customers with quality products and craftsmanship, offering from the basic to exotic. WE DO NOT USE SUBS TO RESURFACE YOUR POOL!

How to pick the right Orlando paver company for your property?

With so many options available in the market, choosing the best Orlando paver company is quite tricky. Most of them claim a lot but do not really stand up to the expectations since most of the companies out there don't have the right proficiency in their job. Worry not. We know exactly what you require here, and we are going to help you with this. There are a few factors that can basically judge if it is the right choice for you or not.

The first being that paver companies in Orlando should have the appropriate testimonials and reviews of their services. This will enable you to judge their caliber and the quality of the services they provide. With more than 40 years of experience, pool and spa services or central Florida are the best choice for you. Why? This Is because with so many years of experience comes a good amount of expertise. And with such massive expertise, we can handle all of your pool problems quite easily! Weave served countless families in their paver problems and has been quite popular in this industry. Not sugarcoating or bluffing, but our reviews are the witness to our quality services!

The next point should be the process. We provide a simplified and strategic process to deal with each and every problem since there is no one size fits for all scenario here. We first analyze the situation of the area and make a detailed report on the same. After a complete analysis, our Orlando paver company will help you with the best possible solution out there. This will eventually enable you to be aware of all the changes and renovations that would be carried out on your property.

Hire us as a leading paver companies in Orlando

The next thing to note is the quality of the materials used in your property. Why invest in low-quality materials from the other paver companies in Orlando which are not long-lasting and durable? Such things might seem tempting but are a complete profligacy. Therefore, be wise and invest in good brands or companies like the Pool and spa services of central Florida. Weave the best quality high-grade concrete and other materials that will be required for your property and not some random cheap products since we believe customer satisfaction is the ultimate priority here.

By now, it is clearly evident how important it is to choose the right Orlando paver company for your property. These things should be handled with utmost care and experience. Therefore, think and analyze before you decide. One wrong decision can even worsen the situation here. As mentioned before, we have been in this company for quite many years and are specialized in concrete deck renovation/repair & resurfacing/painting and many more. The list is endless. Guess the best part? You can get a free no-obligation estimate quote with the owner as per your convenience. All you have to do is just ring us, and we will take care of the rest! Buy good quality decorative concrete Orlando at best prices.


Cost is important, Value is MOST IMPORTANT, if you don’t receive what you thought you were paying for what difference does a low price make! If you are price shopping call us after you gathered whatever estimates you want and CALL US LAST, as we guarantee to be the lowest price for the work that we do for you!

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