Pool Deck Crack Repairs (not just a crack fill) we actually repair broken, cracked and sinking concrete.  Cracks other than hairline surface cracks often need structural repairs which is our specialty. We can remove your existing stone/pebble/rubber finish and give your the popular textured non slip temperature cooling finish. Contact me for a FREE ESTIMATE.

pool deck repair companies near me
pool deck repair companies near me


We specialize in EASY MAINTENANCE FINISHES for your pool decks, driveways and garage floors. Available in many colors to suit everyones taste. A favorite with our customers is a beautiful textured non-slip finish that you never have to power wash to clean.  I will be happy to discuss this option with you.  If your tired of constantly trying to powerwash your stained dirty deck contact me and I will show you how easy we can transform your big or small deck into a very low maintenance beautiful deck area.


Deck painting / resurfacing services and renovations can sound expensive, but they are actually very affordable. We work with our clients assessing their needs and expectations. If you have a limited budget, I will work with you to find a budget friendly solutionu by reviewing with you the different types of pool deck refinishing options available to you.

pool deck repair companies near me
pool deck repair companies near me


There are many benefits when you update your pool deck, remodeling, repairing, refinishing, resurfacing, including painting, textured non slip temperature cooling coatings, pavers, etc.. any of these options are a great way to get additional value out of your home. Doing a renovation on an already existing pool deck area in your backyard is a cost effective way to enhance the value of your home, while giving you a comfortable place to unwind and relax. Pool areas should be beautiful and enjoyable and give you a space to kick back as well and unwind without leaving your own home space.  We can give you the look you want and will be proud to own and entertain in your own back yard.


Most pool ceck crack repairs need more than a little filler, we specialize in structural crack repairs, renovations, texturing, painting & resurfacing services.  This may all sound expensive, but they are actually very affordable when you hire a company that actually does the work instead of subbing our your job. We work with our clients assessing their needs and expectations. If you have a limited budget I will help you find a solution to fit your budget.

pool deck repair companies near me
pool deck repair companies near me


We will renovate your deck, walkway or any concrete area using high quality long lasting products to give you a beautiful, durable finish. Having a beautiful deck area enhances the pleasure of any pool or spa area. There are many pool and spa deck resurfacing and color options available. Some finishes actually will cool your deck by up to 20 degrees to make a very comfortable walking surface.                  We can relevel your sinking pavers to give you a smoother surface,                      as well as cleaning and sealing to give you a fresh newer look.

DRIVEWAY Crack Repair and Refinishing

Driveways don't have to be an eye sore. There are many options in colors, textures, and designs for you to choose from. there are textures or trowel methods of concrete that are used,  Beautiful and long lasting textures can give your driveway and home a look that will remind you of a beautiful resort.   As distinctive as your imagination and personality this application provides a slip free surface, perfect for pool decks, commercial entrances, driveways, walkways, patios and more. much cooler under your feet than bare concrete.  We can stabilize your spreading deck cracks with a time proven structural procedure to give you peace of mind without spending a fortune. Contact us at 407-778-5227 text or call!

pool deck repair companies near me

How to choose the best pool deck repair companies near me?

Pools are present almost within every property but taking good care of them requires time and effort. But apart from the efforts, there could be countless reasons that can be held responsible for pool deck cracks. The porosity of the concrete, alkaline chemicals that are usually applied in the water, lack of steel in the structure, or probably weak concrete are some of the major causes of the cracks in your pool deck. But worry not. It can be treated adequately with the right choices. Pool deck cracks, if taken care of professionally, can be quite easy to handle. All you need to check for is pool deck repair companies near me, and that's it.

There are numerous processes involved during the pool deck crack repair. The list darts with the application of fillers, which basically fills the small cracks and adds strength to the weakened area, which then gets sealed to prevent further damage from moisture. There are specific grit additives also applied that basically provide resistance to the sealer and many more. The process is quite easy and simple but choosing the right professionals is the main deal. As mentioned before, just check for the best pool deck repair companies near me, and you are sorted.

We are amongst top pool deck repair companies near me

In case you are wondering what the best pool deck repair companies near me are, then worry not. Pool and spa services of central Florida are here for your rescue. With highly trained professionals, you will get the best service assured. We have been in this industry for quite a long time, and these long years have contributed largely to our experience. With the right amount of expertise, we can fix all the pool dents conveniently and provide you with a strong and concrete pool space that is the optimum space for enjoying pool time with your loved ones. The maximum you need to do is just give us a ring, and our executives will get in touch with you with the perfect solution to all of your pool problems! Hire us as one of the leading

Orlando paver company near you.

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