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Pool Deck Cracks Can Be Caused By Many Factors.

What Can Cause A Pool Deck To Crack:

  • Structural Settling

  • Improperly Mixed Concrete

  • Ground Movement

  • Poorly Placed Expansion Joints

  • Changes In Temperature

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Repairing Pool Deck Cracks Used To Mean Costly Concrete Replacement.

Previously when pool decks had severe cracks, you'd have to hire an engineer to locate the cause of the cracking, then hire a demolition team to break up the deck and haul it all away. Once the ground is leveled, a concrete company needs to be contracted to come in and pour.


But with Pool Deck Resurfacing of Central Fl, both residential and commercial pool deck cracks can almost always be structurally repaired for a fraction of the cost and much faster then demolishing and replacing.

Get Complete Crack Repair And Restoration From Pool Deck Resurfacing of Central Fl.

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Expert Advice & Planning

Get the best advice and most competitive prices from the company that has repaired and restored all types of pool decks throughout the Orlando area since 1993.

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Texturing Options

When we come to inspect your pool deck, you will get a variety of options to choose from. We are sure that you will find a texture, color and price within your budget.

pool deck texturizing orlando

Experienced Contractors

After deciding on what type of restoration you need, expect only a highly experienced in-house crew to work on your pool deck. We never employ sub-contractors.

pool deck repair orlando

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Our 30 years of experience ensures you that you will be satisfied with the outcome so that all that's left to do is enjoy your restored pool deck for years to come.

Cracked Pool Decks That We Repaired & Restored

If you have chipped, peeling or cracked surface areas on your residential or commercial pool deck, it is usually repairable, even if cracks are severe. Save thousands by not having to demo, remove and reinstall your pool deck with Pool Deck Resurfacing of Central Fl.

Now You Know Who To Contact For Pool Deck Crack Repair
Pool deck refinishing Orlando

When it comes to residential or commercial pool deck crack repair, you can trust Pool Deck Resurfacing of Central Fl for expert advice and craftsmanship. We don’t just fill in your pool deck cracks. We fully repair the structural integrity of the broken or cracked surfaces. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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