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Refinishing Your Pool Deck's Old Worn Out Surface Does Not Have To Cost A Lot.

Pool deck refinishing does just that, replaces the finish, not the entire top layer. Coatings are applied to beautify and protect your surface.

  • No Demolition

  • Smooth But Skid-Proof

  • Unique and Classy Finish

  • Very Affordable


Refinishing A Pool Deck Will Brilliantly Restore It's Outer Surface.

If you have stains, fading or discoloration on your pool deck but the slab is in good condition, then refinishing may be a good choice for you.


Pool deck refinishing prevents deterioration and protects it for years to come. Pool Deck Resurfacing of Central Fl using only top-rated finishes to restore your residential or commercial pool deck.


Repair Blemishes And Fading With Pool Deck Refinishing.

If you would like to restore  your pool deck and make it more inviting and appealing, then have it refinished. It can be applied directly over the existing pool deck surface. This type of  coating is more affordable than other restoration processes because it is much less labor intensive. It is also easily maintained and is available a wide range of colors and textures.

See Samples Of Pool Deck Refinishing In Gallery Below.

Pool deck refinishing is a great affordable option that will drastically improve the look of your residential or commercial pool deck. Browse through the gallery of refinishing jobs that we have performed. When it comes to coating, Pool Deck Resurfacing of Central Fl can't be beat. Our tradesmen are pros at what they do.

Now You Know Who To Call For Pool Deck Refinishing.

Get a non-slip surface with pool deck refinishing from Pool Deck Resurfacing of Central Fl. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to review your options.

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