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Repair And Update At The Same Time With Pool Deck Resurfacing.

When the top layer of a pool deck gets old or becomes weak, it will crack, chip or peel. This damage can be repaired by resurfacing it which will remove any defects that it has acquired over the years.

  • Most Economical Option

  • Adds Strength & Beauty

  • Long Lasting Results

  • Many Colors And Patterns


Give Your Pool Deck A Facelift With Resurfacing. 

Resurfacing is the most economical solution because there is no need to tear up your old pool deck and pour new concrete. We remove the loose damaged existing finish as needed. This gives us a fresh canvas to work on.


Once the surface has been prepped, a fresh new layer of your choice can be applied. Pool Deck Resurfacing of Central Fl will add strength and keep your residential or commercial pool deck looking new for many years to come.


Pool Deck Resurfacing Will Transform Your Deck Into A Beautiful Surface You Will Love

Resurfacing not only fully restores your pool deck, but provides the perfect opportunity to change the color, design for a much more updated and attractive look. Resurfacing your old pool decks surface gives you a brand new, beautiful, extremely  durable, non slip long lasting surface to be enjoyed for many years to come.

See Some Of Our Pool Deck Resurfacing Projects In Gallery Below

Pool deck resurfacing can be a solid color or very decorative but in all cases is very cost effective and durable. Scroll though the gallery below to view resurfacing jobs performed by the pros at Pool Deck Resurfacing of Central Fl.

If We Can Resurface These Pool Decks, We Can Resurface Yours.

If your residential or commercial pool deck needs a facelift, contact Pool Deck Resurfacing of Central Fl. We will inspect your pool area and present all of the money saving options to you. We will also discuss color, style and scheduling. In most cases, a pool deck resurfacing project runs smooth because the new layer can be applied immediately after the old layer has been removed.

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