Have Your Old Cracked, Peeling, Stained Pool Deck Resurfaced Or Refinished

Give It A Beautiful New Look That You Will Enjoy For Years To Come


Pool deck repair or restoration may sound expensive, but is actually affordable. If you have a big budget, great. But if you have limited budget, no problem. We will show you all of the restoration options available so that you can make the right decision.


Pool decks are strong and durable, but are also prone to cracking. And pool deck cracks are actually very common. It’s almost inevitable that your residential or commercial pool deck will crack at some point and need repair or restoration. So keep Orlando Pool Deck Resurfacing on file for when you or anyone you know needs quality pool deck restoration at affordable prices.

Which Pool Deck Repair Service Is Right For You?

pool deck crack repair

Pool Deck Crack Repair

If you have cracks, chips or peeling on your pool deck, they can be repaired.

pool deck resurfacing

Pool Deck Resurfacing

Save thousands by only replacing the top layer while adding beauty and strength.

pool deck texturing

Pool Deck Texturing

Texturing provides a fresh new look and a much cooler surface to walk on.


Pool Deck Refinishing

Update the finish of your pool deck and restore it's luster with a temperature cooling finish.

All of our residential or commercial pool deck finishes are durable and require little maintenance; power washing is never needed. And you can choose from a variety of styles and price ranges from basic color to exotic resort looking patterns and textures.

Life Is Better With A Reconditioned Pool Deck

Life Is Better With A Reconditioned Pool Deck

No one likes sitting around a cracked or crumbling pool deck. Watching where you walk and being careful not to step on crumbling concrete is not fun, especially if it's hot. Get a much cleaner and cooler pool deck surface today. Contact Orlando Pool Deck Resurfacing and get professional advice tomorrow.

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You'll Be So Glad You Had Your Cracked Pool Deck Repaired.

You'll Be So Glad You Had Your Cracked Pool Deck Repaired.

From the start, you will be excited to see all of the colors, patterns and textures that are on the market today. And of course we will help you make that decision based on the condition of your existing residential or commercial pool deck.

When completed, your entire pool area will be much more attractive. You may not be able to stop looking at your newly restored pool deck. This will bring you immediate and long term pleasure for years to come because all of our pool deck restoration services are long lasting.

Ed Sawyer, Owner, Orlando Pool Deck Resurfacing

Ed Sawyer, Owner, Orlando Pool Deck Resurfacing

No One Knows Cracked Pool Deck Repair Better Than Ed Sawyer. 

Ed has resurfaced hundreds of residential and commercial pool decks, driveways, walkways and even garage floors.

For over 30 years, Ed Sawyer, owner of Orlando Pool Deck Resurfacing, has been working with residential and commercial clients to restore their surfaces properly. His decades of experience allow him to quickly determine and suggest the best plan of action at the best price.

Ed takes a lot of pride in his work and makes sure every customer is pleased with the finished product before leaving the job site. This is only one reason why Orlando Pool Deck Resurfacing has a 98+ satisfaction rating and hundreds of positive reviews and testimonials.


Another reason to call Ed is that he never uses sub-contractors. Only his personally trained in-house crew is good enough. They know the quality of work that Ed expects and what the final product should look like when the restoration is completed. 

More Than Just Pool Deck Crack Repair And Restoration.

We are known for pool deck restoring, but we also restore other surfaces as well. Pool decks are not the only surfaces that crack, fade or crumble and need restoring. We have resurfaced many residential and commercial driveways, walkways, sidewalks and garages. Each may require a different approach, but the end result is always the same, which is major improvement in both appeal and longevity. What kind of surface do you need restored? Call Orlando Pool Deck Resurfacing and to discuss it and then set an appointment to inspect it together.

Driveway Crack Repair

Driveway Crack Repair

When driveways are clean, they make your home look great. But if they are cracked or oil stained, they really make your home look bad. Have your driveway repaired and resurfaced with Orlando Pool Deck Resurfacing.


Walkway Restoration

Cracks in you walkways can be hazardous. Plus, they really diminish curb appeal. Have them repaired and resurfaced and avoid potential trip and falls with Orlando Pool Deck Resurfacing.


Garage Floor Resurfacing

Garage floors, just like pool decks and sidewalks can crack, chip and peel. They also get stained from car leaks and grime. Get your garage floor repaired and resurfaced from Orlando Pool Deck Resurfacing.