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 If your looking for the best  source of:

Pool Deck renovations, texturing, refinishing, painting, sealing, “Permanent type crack repairs”

You have reached the right company to do the work for you.

Owner with over 40 years in the business doing both commercial and residential pool decks, walkways, driveways’ etc.

Orlando Pool Deck Resurfacing will work with you to give you the look you want at affordable pricing using only the highest quality materials for your peace of mind.

 Ask us about “permanent type concrete crack repairing”.

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My name is Ed Sawyer and thank you for visiting our website.  Hopefully you will find our website informative and helpful.  Pool & Spa Services of Central Florida Inc dba Orlando Pool Deck Resurfacing is a small family concrete deck renovation/repair & resurfacing/painting company specializing in  Pool Deck Resurfacing , driveways, garage floors, walkways both commercial & residential.    We offer a wide variety of options including  complete REMOVAL OF OLD WORN OUT SURFACES.  Complete deck renovations including the popular spray knockdown textures, Sherwin Williams pool deck paints, textured non slip coatings, pavers, travertine, etc. using only the highest quality products to give you the beauty and long lasting results you want.


 “We DO NOT SUB OUT YOUR JOB, We Do The Work With Our Own Highly Skilled Crews”


“We also provide pool renovation/resurfacing/tile replacement/equipment updates/replacement estimates INCLUDING WET EDGE TECHNOLOGY PEBBLES AND the all popular QUARTZ FINISHES for   All Phase Pool Remodeling, Inc cpc1457245.”  


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Orlando Pool Deck Resurfacing offers   affordable pricing using the highest quality products!

Many homeowners do not consider it and they just let their pool decks deteriorate and go to waste, not knowing it’s actually quite affordable to get the surface of the pool deck restored, so that you can have a beautiful pool and pool deck to enjoy, relax and entertain in.  No matter how bad it looks, contact me @ 407-778-5227 and we will help.

Pools can be a very costly thing to own, but if you take care of them and pay for maintenance and repairs when it is required, they can last a very significant amount of time. They can actually be good investments for you home if you are willing to regularly maintain them and keep them it in good condition. While a pool can be costly, a well kept pool is something that adds a lot of value to a property and as long as you don’t spend more money than you should on the resurfacing process. It should be quite affordable for you to use as an investment opportunity.

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Resurface your Pool deck with Orlando Pool Deck Resurfacing a company with 40+ years of experience!

When should we resurface our pools deck?

Once your pools deck has become stained, chipped and peeling.

Deck painting / resurfacing services and renovations can sound expensive, but they are actually very affordable. We work with our clients assessing their needs and expectations. If you have a limited budget, you can work with our qualified estimators and they will let you know what types of pool deck refinishing options are available to you. There are many benefits when you update your pool deck, remodeling, repairing, refinishing, resurfacing, including painting, new stone textured non slip coatings, pavers, etc.. any of these options are a great way to get additional value out of your home. Doing a renovation on an already existing pool deck area in your backyard is a cost effective way to enhance the value of your home, while giving you a comfortable place to unwind and relax. Pool areas are enjoyable and they give you a space to kick back as well and unwind without leaving your own home space.

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